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About Ecobliss

Our team is fine blend of knowledge, experience and eagerness. They all have their mind set on two things: you and your packaging challenge. Can they get more satisfied, even when you are? As a matter of fact, yes. By not only providing you with the best solution, but also with an innovative and smart one. So challenge them!
Portrait of Janet Schultze

Janet Schultze

Marketing / Business Development Director
Responsible for introduction, sales and marketing to brand owners, their manufacturing and supply chain partners, as well as building product awareness throughout pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical packaging industries.
Portrait of Iwan Heynen

Iwan Heynen

Technical Director

Our minds are always set on the best solution

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers are served best with packaging solutions that meet their needs and beyond. And that means that we will always be transparant and honest in telling what the best solution is for your packaging challenge.

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