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Locked4Kids Wallet Box and Carton
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  • Child resistant, senior friendly
  • ISO/EN 8317 and F=1 US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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Child resistant

Locked4Kids offers the perfect combination of child resistance, easy accessibility for adults and cost effective production.
A toddler grabbing some pills from a medicine bottle

Importance of child resistant packaging

Studies reveal that medicines are a leading cause of non-fatal poisoning incidents in numerous countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF report that poisoning is common among children aged 1 to 5 years, as they are curious and explore their environment using all their senses. Most unintentional poisoning cases occur in living rooms and during afternoons. Consequently, specially designed child resistant packaging is a crucial necessity.

What is child resistant packaging?

Child resistant packaging is designed to be difficult for children to open while remaining accessible for adults. It usually features unique locking mechanisms that demand a specific sequence of actions to open. This type of packaging is employed for products that could be harmful to children if ingested, such as medicines, chemicals and household products.

Innovative child resistant packaging

It is challenging to create something that is so simple, cost-effective and easy to produce. At the same time, it should be easy to open for everyone, except for children of course. That is why Ecobliss started the development of Locked4Kids cartons in 2013.

Beside the functional advantage, it is also the most economical solution: Locked4Kids is cost-effective. It offers cost-effective production of child resistant packaging, as it can be produced on standard cartoning equipment. This child resistant packaging has been developed for high-speed automated production on standard pharmaceutical packaging equipment, in which blister strips are loaded and then inserted into the packaging. The packaging is as fast as regular (non-child-resistant) packaging.

Child packaging supplier
Child resistant packaging suppliers understand the challenge of designing packaging that is both senior-friendly and capable of meeting testing standards for young children. Ecobliss has successfully achieved this balance with outstanding results. As a leading supplier of child resistant packaging, we have created a solution that is not only child resistant and adult friendly, but also cost-effective and adaptable to various needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need more information about the possibilities we can provide as a child resistant packaging supplier.

The increased intelligence of children since 1970

Toddler playing with a computer tablet
In light of evolving cognitive abilities in children, passing child-resistance testing is a growing challenge. Many existing market solutions, particularly those relying on a single push button and a sliding mechanism, that passed many years ago should be considered for retesting, knowing that young children have become a lot smarter in the past decades.

In response to these challenges, the Locked4Kids Wallet Box has been developed. Our initial design, featuring a single button on the top, did not pass the testing by far. Even after adding an additional, offset button on the opposite side of the packaging we could not pass the testing with children. The introduction of a simple, third interactive element was transformative, enabling our packaging to pass stringent child safety tests and achieve perfect scores in senior-friendly tests under US protocol 16 CFR 1700.20.

Take a look at our CR solutions

Both solutions are child resistant, senior friendly and certified.
Wallet Box collection
  • Sustainable: all-paper
  • Fits a broad range of blister strips
  • Certified and aligning with rigorous standards
The new Wallet Box
Collection of Locked4Kids packaging
  • The packaging solution that can be used for whatever content should be locked for children
  • Numerous design possibilities. Check out our gallery
  • Low cost: produced on standard cartonning equipment

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