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Child resistant,
senior friendly cartons

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Collection of Locked4Kids packaging
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Difficult for children, easy for adults

Locked4Kids is the perfect solution; child resistant cartons containing blister strips in a tray. Difficult to open for children, easy to open for adults and cost effective to produce.
Opening a Locked4Kids carton

The advantages of Locked4Kids

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Child resistant, senior friendly
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Certified to ISO/EN 8317
and US16 CFR 1700.20
A range of products, from medication to dishwashing tablets, can be packaged with Locked4Kids. Take a look at the possibilities.
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A collection of Locked4Kids cartons

Locked4Kids is available in a range of sizes and applications

Not sure which specifications you require? Let us help. Contact us to get all the information you need. Or have a look at the gallery.
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Wilmington, Delaware 1980

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