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  • Child resistant, senior friendly
  • ISO/EN 8317 and F=1 US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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Our journey

Ecobliss started the development of Locked4Kids cartons in 2013. The target was set to make the carton easily opened by everyone, except young children of course.

Finding that thin line between true senior friendliness, and at the same passing the testing protocols with young children is the toughest packaging design job anyone can imagine. Ecobliss has managed to do so with great success!
Locked4Kids packaging through the years
Locked4Kids version 1 carton
The launch
In 2013 the development of child resistant cartons containing blister strips in a tray was started. Mid 2014 different sizes of Locked4Kids packaging were tested. After approval the first cartons were presented at the Gouden Noot 2014 Packaging Innovation Contest.
Locked4Kids 2.0 packaging range
Locked4Kids 2.0
Immediately after the launch of Locked4Kids, development started on the next generation of the packaging. The result was 100% senior friendliness by finetuning the unique hook mechanism.
Ameristar logo
AmeriStar Award Best of Show
The AmeriStar Awards honor packaging professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the packaging community. Locked4Kids managed to win one of AmeriStar’s top 3 prizes: the “Best of Show” award.
Lots of Locked4Kids packaging behind eachother
Development of all-paper trays for Locked4Kids
Locked4Kids developed to a unique and versatile CR platform. Our newest goal makes sure the packaging components become even more sustainable.
Locked4Kids Wallet Box
Development of the Wallet Box
Locked4Kids develops the all-paper Wallet Box. Sustainable by default, no plastics are used for the child resistant packaging of products.

... developments keep coming!

Ecobliss continuously enhances and improves. In an ever changing world, Ecobliss has its mind set on improved sustainability. Revolutionary developments are being tested. And Locked4Kids will surprise the market for child resistant packaging once more!

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Timo Kubbinga

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Gianni Linssen

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Wim Henk Stoppkotte


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