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  • Child resistant, senior friendly
  • ISO/EN 8317 and F=1 US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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Child-resistant blister packaging

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Why is child resistant blister packaging necessary?

Studies show that medication is the highest cause of non-fatal poisoning cases in children in many countries. About 95% of medication-related poisoning visits to the ER occur after an unsupervised child has accidentally ingested medication. Child resistant blister packaging, a type of folding carton packaging, can help prevent these accidents, because it will become consideringly more difficult for children to access the contents of the packaging.

Innovation in child resistant blister packaging

Child resistant packaging by Locked4Kids is a true innovation. Often, child resistant packaging is designed in such a way that even adults have difficulty opening the package. Locked4Kids has made sure that this is no longer an issue. The packaging is unique, because it offers easy access for adults and seniors, but not for children. The medication is packaged in blister strips which are held in a plastic tray that slides inside a carton. To access the child resistant packaging (blister), the tray should be pulled out like a drawer, which can only be done by pressing on two hooks on the top of the carton simultaneously. Children are simply not able to do so physically and often do not understand how it works either. That is why the child resistant blister packaging is very effective.

Child resistant blister packaging

The packaging can be developed into different designs to fit your packaging needs and your product perfectly. You can either pack single or multiple strips, locked sachets, or even products such as laundry and dishwasher pods. To ensure safety and theft-resistance, you can choose to include clamshell packaging, a very safe way of packaging your product that makes it very difficult to open and steal when the product is on display on the shelves. For retail products, child-resistant packaging can either be fully closed or, when opting for a clamshell blister, the child resistant carton can have a window through which the product is visible. There is even the option to add a strip with tamper evidence, which shows when the packaging has been tampered with.

The 10 advantages of Locked4Kids

Locked4Kidsis the perfect solution where child-resistant packaging and blister strips in a tray come together. These are the 10 advantages child resistant blister packaging from Locked4Kids offers:

  • Child-resistant packaging that is adult and senior-friendly
  • Certified for the USA and Europe
  • Qualified as primary packaging
  • Child resistant packaging (blister) is tamper-proof
  • All packaging components stay connected, even after (re)use
  • A valuable alternative to bottles, because of a better protection against moisture and contamination
  • Cost-effective production
  • Suitable packaging for a range of products
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
  • Available in small or large quantities
Child resistant blister packaging

Child resistant blister packaging

Choose this multi-purpose child resistant blister packaging to stay safe and sound.

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