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Child resistant, senior friendly

Locked4Kids offers the perfect combination of child resistance, easy accessibility for adults and cost effective production.
Locked4Kids in front of some pills and medicines

Difficult for children.
Easy for adults.

Locked4Kids cartons are unique. While preventing opening by young children, adults are able to open the cartons easily.

How it works

(Move your cursor horizontally over the carton)

Locked4Kids consists of a carton and a plastic tray that holds the product, e.g. medicines in blister strips. To access the product, the tray should be pulled out like a drawer. To secure child safety this only works if two hooks on the top of the carton are pressed simultaneously. Looking closely at the Locked4Kids carton, you will find two push points with hooks sticking out. These push points are located diagonally across each side of the carton.

And that’s why children have difficulties opening the cartons. They simply don’t understand how it works. And if they do, they are not able to handle it physically because their hands are too small.

Locked4Kids qualifies as primary packaging

According to US regulations only immediate or primary packagings qualifies as child resistant packaging. Besides this, these packagings have to pass testing according to protocol US CFR 1700.20. To qualify as primary packaging, all packaging parts should stay connected after each opening by the consumer. Locked4Kids meets these requirements; all packaging components stay firmly connected, each time the packaging is opened and re-closed by the user.

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