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The 5 benefits of folding carton packaging

Gianni Linssen
Written by
Gianni Linssen
/ Published on
February 6, 2024

Products are packaged in many different ways, especially medicine. The main goal here is to ensure safe storage of medicine even after opening the package. Blister packaging is an example of safe storage, because the medicine is packed in individual blisters. In other words, you only open what you need, the safely packed. To protect the blister strips, you need sturdy and versatile packaging around it. One way is by using types of folding carton packaging, such as child resistant packaging. In this blog, you can read the 5 benefits of folded carton packaging.

1. An eco-friendly solution

Folding carton packaging can be made entirely out of paperboard, which means no plastic is used. Since the folded carton packaging consists of just one element, the waste does not need to be separated. There is little waste anyway, because of it being one single element and often uses recycled materials. Besides this, the carton is easy to stack, making transportation more efficiently as well. This makes folded carton packaging a very sustainable solution.

2. Folded carton packaging is affordable

Folded carton packaging is an affordable solution, because it is easy to manufacture and print in large quantities. Paper is a much cheaper material than for example plastic, glass or metal, thus ensuring an easy return on investment. These types of folding carton packaging have been around for quite some time and are a reliable way of packaging.

3. Customizable folding carton packaging designs

Carton packaging can easily be customized to fit your design requirements. From instructions to graphic designs, it can all be printed on the carton according to your specifications. So whether you have large or small products, the folded carton packaging can be fully adapted to the design you are looking for. In this blog post, you will discover more packaging design tips.


4. Child resistant packaging options

Solutions - such as Locked4Kids - offer a reliable solution for child-resistant packaging with folder carton packaging. The packaging consists of a carton and a plastic tray that holds the blister strips containing individual doses of medicine. To access the medicine, the tray is pulled out like a drawer, but it can only be opened by pressing two hooks on the top of the carton simultaneously. This makes it child-resistant, but also senior-friendly, since adults can open it easily.

5. Versatile folding carton packaging

A big advantage of folding carton packaging is that it is versatile. This means that the types of folding carton packaging can be adapted to exactly fit your needs. Whether that is a large carton box for bigger items, or a small one for smaller items such as blister strips, everything is possible.

Choose Locked4Kids for your folding carton packaging

Locked4Kids offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for packing individual doses of medicine in blister strips. The solution consists of a combination of a carton and a plastic tray that is inserted into the carton. It provides options for large or small quantities through automated packaging lines or manual processes. The child-resistant cartons are designed for efficient high-speed production and offer the same packaging speeds as traditional cartons. To ensure child-resistance, the carton is laminated with foil and can only be opened by pressing two hooks on the tray simultaneously, making it difficult for children to access. Added bonus: this type of packaging is child resistant, but senior friendly, meaning a senior can open the folded carton packaging easily. By choosing Locked4Kids, you can ensure safe and secure packaging for your products, while benefiting from affordability and accessibility for seniors.

Convinced of the benefits of folding carton packaging and looking for a reliable partner? Then Locked4Kids is the solution for you!

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