Locked4Kids offers the perfect combination of child resistancy, easy accessibility for adults and cost effective production.
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Locked4Kids wins prestigious AmeriStar Award 2017 in the category "Best of Show"

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Locked4Kids wins golden and silver NJPEC awards.
What a journey !
Medicine packaging should be hygienic, child resistant, easy to open and close for adults and cost effective to produce.
In Europe approximately 80% of all tablet and capsules are packed in blister strips and retail cartons. In the US, bottles cover the majority of medicine packaging. Both solutions face big disadvantages regarding child resistancy.

Today the European way of packing medicines in child resistant cartons is only possible using specialty packaging systems which are very expensive to produce. On the other hand, packing medicines in inexpensive bottles, the standard in the US, does not offer protection against moisture and contamination. And, neither production batch numbers, nor expiry dates can be communicated as desired.

Traditional specialty blister packagings are expensive to produce. Locked4Kids is not.
Locked4Kids; innovative and award winning.

The pharma industry did welcome the innovative packaging enthusiastically. Immediately after market introduction Locked4Kids was rewarded with prestigious national and international awards. It was awarded with the international CPHI Pharma Award, with the Silver Award of the Dutch “Gouden Noot”, as well as with the WPO WorldStar President’s Award.

Within one year after market introduction the development of Locked4Kids 2.0 was started.

Today Locked4Kids 2.0 is the standard for child resistant cartons which can be very easily opened by adults and cost efficiently produced.

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